Shark Fin, Spanish Ham (Ibérico Bellota 36 mth.) in Premium Broth

Long-simmered for hours with Spanish ham (Ibérico Bellota 36 mth.) and chicken, served with 6 maces of shark fin and a half Kamei chicken to present you the essence of a savory premium broth.

Black Truffles and Mixed Mushrooms

A refreshing vegetarian broth made with the assorted premium mushrooms including Japanese Buna Shimeji mushroom, brown beech mushroom, shaggy mane mushroom, field mushroom, etc. With a touch up of Italian black truffle sauce, the unique aroma blooms.

Exclusive Premium Local Pork Belly Slices

Daily delivered from local farm at Yuen Long in limited supply, served with skin in thin-cut, the pork belly slices bring you a fresh, flavourful, crispy enjoyment.

Premium Black Truffle Scallop Dumpling

The combination of pork collar butt and Australian scallop surprises you with a mix of tenderness and crispiness. Decorate with Italian black truffle sauce to bring taste and scent to the next level.

Japanese Foie Gras Cuttlefish Ball

Slow cooked in Japanese soy sauce, a hint of sweetness is added to this buttery, velvety foie gras. Mixed with fresh cuttlefish, hand made daily in limited supply, the al dente cuttlefish ball let you have an incredible taste flooding over your taste buds.